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A grateful patient testimonial

We have had the pleasure of Adam coming to our home since June of this year. We have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a superb medical team since we started this chapter at the beginning of 2023 and for that we will always be extremely grateful. Adam, however, is high up there as being one of our absolute favourites to travel this journey with us. From the first meeting, Adam fitted into our home like part of the furniture and has been kind enough to totally embrace our chaotic family life! He always takes time to speak to our sons, ranging from primary school age to teenagers, always makes a fuss of the dogs so they settle quickly and just does everything he can to make his visits as relaxed and non-intrusive as possible. 


I was very nervous about bringing cancer treatment into our home because of our 3 children, but had we known about Adam we would’ve opted for it from the start. Adam has this remarkable ability to differentiate in all situations. He recognises where empathy and reassurance is needed, and injects humour at just the right moments! He is thorough, professional and always takes his time, we never feel rushed and we never feel a question is too silly to ask and in fact all of our questions are answered with a wealth of knowledge and explanation. Adam never leaves our home without making sure we are all ok, and always asking are you happy?! 

Adam is clearly one of life’s nice guys, but you know that for sure when your 16yr old son who has barely spoken about my cancer treatment says “I like Adam looking after you mum, he’s really nice”


We are extremely grateful to Adam for making a horrible journey a whole lot easier, not just for me as the patient but for my family too. 


Many, many thanks! 



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